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Alex front 2022.jpg

Quick info

  • Playing age 26-36

  • Experienced in horse riding

  • Skilled hobby photographer

  • ENFP-A Personality type

  • Fluent in: Spanish, danish & english

  • Experienced in acting events and storytelling for kids & adults 

Classes & education

Acting teachers in Denmark: 


Carl Martin Noren (currently in his private classes 2022),
Maria Erwolt & Kenneth Carmohn (2020) 

Military Hand2hand stunt course (2 days) 

Stunt coordinators: Jackson Spidell & Daniel Graham

Theater Malaga Esad education 2012 (1,5 years) 

My Story

I was born in Spain, Cadiz, though I was raised in Denmark since I was 5 ( I speak & write in both languages fluently)

I have always had a creative flair and a tendency to entertain others. 

I have a small background in theater work in Spain, though it wasn't until 2019 that I began heading towards my real dream of screen acting. 

I therefore always strive to get the best out of myself, but at the same time have as much fun as posible on set. 

Work with me if you want a passionated actor who gives it all - no matter the size of the role or set - loves improvisations,

and goes for his natural instincts, seeing where it leads him. 

On set I'm a very humoristic person. I love to create a respectful and fun vibe for everybody as I hope to mirror it, so the same comes back to me. 

My style of acting draws inspiration from the 12 steps of Ivana Chubbuck and method, with modern twists like Harold Guskin. Though I'm still on the journey of learning, I try to adapt and learn on the way and see where this exciting and magical ride takes me. 

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